Helene Fröhlich

JG. 1871
Registration form of Helene Fröhlich
Registration form of Helene Fröhlich

Stelzhamerstraße 14

Fröhlich, Helene

Helene »Hella« FRÖHLICH was born as Helene Monderer in Tonie (near Cracow in what was then the Galician part of Austria-Hungary and is now Poland) on May 1, 1871. She was Jewish and became the wife of a military officer named Leo FRÖHLICH who had been stationed in Neuhaus (Bohemia) before being transferred to Salzburg in 1913. He was a captain in the 75th Bohemian Infantry Regiment when he was killed fighting on the Russian front in October 1914.

The war widow Hella FRÖHLICH, continued to live in Salzburg - at 14 Stelzhamerstraße from the early 1920s on. In 1932 she was visited by her late husband’s niece who later recalled that:

On arriving at the apartment, I was shocked to find uncle Leo’s polished riding boots, as well as his whip, in the foyer. Aunt said that she was very sorry uncle could not meet me this time but hoped the next time he would be back from Russia. This was in 1932 and the war had ended in 1918! I found her a normal person, except for the fact that she had never accepted her husband’s death.

Helene FRÖHLICH, like her husband, was registered in Salzburg as having no religion. But the Nazis categorized her as a »full Jew« and expelled her from Salzburg on February 20, 1940. Her lovely apartment at 14 Stelzhamerstraße was taken over by a Salzburg Gestapo officer named Heinrich Standl. Helene FRÖHLICH’s last address was at 10/8 Haidgasse in Vienna’s 2nd district — in a »collection apartment« where Jews were housed prior to deportation to concentration or extermination camps. On August 20, 1942 the 71 year old woman was shipped off to the Theresienstadt concentration camp and on December 18, 1943 she was deported to the Auschwitz death camp in the same transport as her fellow officer’s widow from Salzburg Klara Kiesler. Helene FRÖHLICH was murdered in Auschwitz.

Author:Gert Kerschbaumer
Translation:Stan Nadel

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