Ernst, Ida & Herbert Löwy

JG. 1901
Registration form of the Löwy family
Registration form of the Löwy family
Registration form (backside) of the Löwy family
Registration form (backside) of the Löwy family

Linzer Gasse 5

Löwy, Ernst Löwy, Herbert Löwy, Ida

Ernst LÖWY was a Jew who had been born on January 17, 1900 in Netluk, near Leitmeritz Bohemia (then in Austria-Hungary, now in the Czech Republic). He came to Salzburg in October 1914 and served an apprenticeship with his uncle Oswald LÖWY at 6 Mirabellplatz (his uncles Oswald and Rudolf LÖWY had been in Salzburg since the 1880s). He lived at 6 Mirabellplatz from the time he arrived in Salzburg until 1926. While there, he married Ida Pick—who had been born in Ottnang am Hausruck (Upper Austria) on February 8, 1901. Their son Herbert was born in Salzburg on August 27, 1926 and on November 11 the Löwys were registered at 5 Linzergasse, apt III.

The Löwy family lived there from 1926 until they fled to Prague to escape the Nazis in 1938. There they lived at Truhlarska 5. When the Germans occupied Czechoslovakia they were unable to escape again. The 42 year old Ernst LÖWY was deported to the Theresienstadt concentration camp on October 24, 1942, and his 41 year old wife Ida and their 16 year old son Herbert were deported there on December 22, 1942. On September 6, 1943 all three were transferred to Auschwitz and killed there. Ernst LÖWY’s aunt Amalie LÖWY, who had also lived in Salzburg until 1938, was murdered in the Lublin-Majdanek concentration camp.

As for Ida LÖWYS Upper Austrian relatives, it is known that in March 1938 her father Bernhard PICK committed suicide in Thomasroith and her sister Ludmilla was murdered in Auschwitz in 1944.

The house at 5 Linzergasse had been the property of the Jewish couple Rudolf and Elise FÜRST since 1892. By the 1930s members of the FÜRST family ran three different businesses there, a wholesale dry goods business on the 1st floor, a perfume shop and a leather goods shop on the ground floor). All three Fürst owned businesses were looted and destroyed in the so-called »Reichskristallnacht« pogrom on the night of November 9-10, 1938. Shortly afterwards the property was »aryanized« and ownership was transferred to Josef FALKENSTEINER. After 1945 there was no restitution for this theft, but there was a minimal out-of-court settlement.

The three FÜRST siblings who had been born in Salzburg and who owned the house when it was stolen had different fates:

The widowed Martha FÜRST STEIN had been born in Salzburg in 1886. She was seriously ill by the time of the German annexation of Austria and died in Salzburg in July 1938. She was buried in the Jewish cemetery in Aigen.

Her sister Hedwig FÜRST BISENTZ had been born in Salzburg in 1889. Hedwig was also a co-owner of the house, but she lived with her husband David BISENTZ in Vienna. She was deported from Vienna to the Theresienstadt concentration camp and was killed there on April 14, 1943. Their son Rudolf, who had been born in Salzburg in 1913, died in Kirkland Washington (USA) in 2010.

The oldest of the siblings, Arthur FÜRST had been born in Salzburg in 1883 and lived in the house at 5 Linzergasse with his wife Irene and their two daughters Elisabeth (born in 1924) and Ilse (born 1928). After he was released from the Dachau concentration camp he and his family were forced to leave 5 Linzergasse in November 1938. They were able to flee to the US and arrived in New York on March 4, 1939 (thanks to his younger brother Joseph FÜRST, who had been born in Salzburg in 1884 and who had emigrated to the US in 1901). Arthur FÜRST died in Charleston SC in 1947. His widow Irene spent her last years with her surviving daughter in Northbrook IL before she died there in 1998, but she was then buried beside Arthur in Charleston SC. Their older daughter, whose married name was Elisabeth KAPLAN, died in Charleston in 1986. Their younger daughter, whose married name was Ilse (Elsie) HOROWITZ, died in Northbrook IL in 2007. Arthur and Irene’s grandchildren Ron und Bob, Arthur, Burt and Sheryl live in the US. The grave of their great grandparents Rudolf and Elise FÜRST can be found in Salzburg’s Jewish cemetery in Aigen.

The lives of another Jewish family are also linked to the house at 5 Linzer Gasse: from 1892 to 1904 Paula and Gustav Friedmann lived here with their two oldest children Camilla and Eduard – who were born in Salzburg. Later the Friedmann family lived in Laufen on the Salzach (a few miles north of Salzburg) where they had two more children, Robert and Irma. After she was widowed, Paula Friedmann was murdered in Auschwitz along with her son Edward (who had been born in Salzburg on July 1, 1902) and his wife Doris and their two children Greta and Hilda.

Eduard’s older sister Camilla (who was born in Salzburg on October 16, 1899) and their younger brother Robert (who was born in Laufen on August 23, 1908) were able to flee to Palestine/Israel. Their sister Irma (who was born in Laufen on August 23, 1910) worked for a while as a maid for the family of Sarah and Daniel BONYHADI in Salzburg before she got married here and then survived the terror years in Salzburg. She was an artist and her working name was Irma Rafaela Toledo. She died in Salzburg on January 7, 2002.

Author:Gert Kerschbaumer
Research:Verena Wagner
Translation:Stan Nadel

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