Hildegard Stiegler

JG- 1908
DEPORTIERT 16.4.1941
Photo: Gert Kerschbaumer
Photo: Gert Kerschbaumer

Bayerhamerstraße 59b

Stiegler, Hildegard

Hildegard STIEGLER was born in Gnigl on August 18, 1908. She was the oldest daughter of a railroader family that had local citizenship rights in and lived in the Itzling neighborhood (which was part of Gnigl until both were annexed to the city of Salzburg in 1935).

Hildegard had no vocational training and was an unskilled worker in the Österreichischen Cirinewerk plant that produced polishing materials in Salzburg. According to the police registration files the young unmarried woman lived on the factory grounds near the main railway station.

The 23 year old Hildegard STIEGLER was hospitalized in the Salzburg State Asylum in October 1931. She was one of 68 patients who were deported to the Hartheim killing center and murdered on April 16, 1941.

As with all the victims of the Nazis’ secret »T4«1 program the death of the 32 year old woman was not noted in the police registration files.

Her widowed mother moved to Vienna where her younger daughter lived and died there in 1969.

1 It was called the »T-4« program because its Berlin headquarters were located at Tiergartenstraße 4

Author:Gert Kerschbaumer
Translation:Stan Nadel

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