Baldur Dagobert Tüchler

JG. 1941
TOT 28.10.1942
Photo: Gert Kerschbaumer
Photo: Gert Kerschbaumer

Dornberggasse 15

Tüchler, Baldur Dagobert

Baldur Dagobert TÜCHLER was born in Salzburg on December 28, 1941. His mother was a kitchen maid named Gisela Tüchler who had been born in the village of Jagenbach (in Lower Austria near the town of Zwettl) on November 27, 1920 and who died in Bregenz, in 2000. His father wasn’t identified.

The mother and child first lived in the Home for Unwed Mothers in Salzburg at 8 Griesgasse. Later the child was in the paid foster care of the Wiesinger family at 15 Dornberggasse. An attempted adoption failed because of the lack of an »Aryan Certificate«.

Gisela Tüchler was unable to pay for Baldur’s support and disappeared, but she was arrested on September 3, 1942 for breaking an employment contract. On August 4, 1942 Gisela’s fiancé (who was not Baldur’s father) had offered to take on his support payments, but Baldur was taken to the Eglfing-Haar asylum and killing center near Munich anyway.

His admission to the center was registered on September 17, 1942 and he died (or was killed) there on October 28, 1942 (the official cause of death was pneumonia, but that was often recorded for those murdered there).

Baldur Tüchler was buried in the asylum cemetery.

Author:Andrea Strixner
Translation:Stan Nadel

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