Angèle Tari

JG. 1924
TOT 18. 4. 1944
Angèle Tari’s  Police Registration Card
Angèle Tari’s Police Registration Card
»Crypt of the forgotten«<br>Photo: Cemetary Administration
»Crypt of the forgotten«
Photo: Cemetary Administration

Schwarzstraße 4

Tari, Angèle

Angèle TARI was born in Casablanca on July 11, 1924 when it was part of the Protectorate of French-Morocco. In the war year 1942 she was single and only 17 years old when she came from the French harbor city Marseille to the »Gauhauptstadt« [Regional Capital in Nazi terminology] of Salzburg according to the police registration files.

As a housemaid, the young Moroccan was only allowed to work for politically reliable private households, which is to say only for Nazis. Her last residence was at 4 »Bismarckstraße« (now the Schwarzstraße) where a number of foreign women had their sleeping quarters. Her personal details were recorded in a special house card of the registration police.

The file in question was stamped »Aviso Gestapo«, which meant that the Gestapo was watching all movements, entrances and exits to look out for any suspicious persons. So these police measures and their consequences for those affected found bureaucratic expression in the meticulously kept house records: escape, imprisonment and death.

On April 18, 1944 the 19 year old Angèle TARI died in Salzburg. Succinctly designated as a »suicide« in the police report – that was how the terror regime indicated that victims were themselves responsible for their early deaths and so couldn’t be the victims of Nazi terror.

Like all the other victims of the Nazi terror in Salzburg all of the foreign workers who died were buried in the »Crypt of the Forgotten« at the Salzburg municipal cemetery – victims buried anonymously with neither honor nor names and whose surviving relatives in other countries received neither death notices nor compensation. And even after the liberation of Austria their survivors had no right to claim any of the victims’ compensation measures provided to their Austrian counterparts.


Author:Gert Kerschbaumer
Translation:Stan Nadel

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Stumbling Blocks

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