What is your aim?

Also in Salzburg, there are more than enough reasons to initiate the »STUMBLING BLOCKS« project. The idea of remembering the expulsion and extermination that Gunter Demnig pursues, has a particular impetus for this form of commemoration in a city in which the only book-burning in Austria took place and which now, as in the past, still has a hard time dealing with the dark sides of its history.

Why should STUMBLING BLOCKS be laid?

In addition to existing memorials, STUMBLING BLOCKS are small and individual signs of remembrance, which can be initiated in a very personal form.

For whom should STUMBLING BLOCKS be laid?

The stumbling blocks are to be laid in memory of the expulsion and extermination of Jews, Roma and Sinti, politically persecuted, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses and victims of euthanasia in Nazi Germany.

Is this project extant in other cities?

There are now over 100,000 blocks (Mai 2023) in 26 European countries. They are the largest decentralized memorial in the world.

Why have you organised yourselves in a committee?

The committee is intended as a form of non-partisan initiative. We intend to implement the action in Salzburg, without it being influenced in any partisan direction. Representatives from the fields of science, politics, culture, management and individuals are involved, because they believe that this is a meaningful and important project for Salzburg.

How can I help you and/or become a member of the committee?

Your willingness to support can be registered under dachverband@kultur.or.at. You are then in the »STUMBLING BLOCKS Mailing-List« and will be regularly kept informed by email. Every person who reciprocates with the objectives of the committee can become a member.

Can one support you as an organization/company/association?

Of course – for instance, as a sponsor for a stumbling block (cost: € 132,00 including setting).

Is there a list of victims of the Nazi dictatorship in Salzburg?

In the section »Places & Biographies« you can see short biographies as well as the previous places of laying in the city of Salzburg.
A list of about 1,600 names of other victims of the Nazi regime in the province of Salzburg can be found here: NS Victims Directory Federal State of Salzburg.

How can I become a sponsor?

Specifically, with a donation of € 132 – to the trustee-managed account of the Committee, made out to: »Project STUMBLING BLOCKS«, at the Notary Trustee Bank Ltd.: IBAN: AT853150080605052808, BIC: NTBAATWW. The STUMBLING BLOCKS are a gift from the sponsor to the City of Salzburg and become the property of the City of Salzburg after being set.

May I undertake the sponsorship for a particular person?

That is theoretically possible and wished-for.

Will my name be mentioned publicly in connection with the setting of a STUMBLING BLOCK?

If this is explicitly asked for, otherwise not.

May I undertake an anonymous sponsorship for a STUMBLING BLOCK?

Yes, with an (anonymous) donation of € 132 – to the trustee-managed account of the Committee, made out to: »Project STUMBLING BLOCKS«, Notartreuhandbank AG: IBAN: AT853150080605052808, BIC: NTBAATWW. www.notartreuhandbank.at

Is the sponsorship of one or more STUMBLING BLOCKS a prerequisite for inclusion in the committee?

Membership of the STUMBLING BLOCKS committee is not linked to being or becoming a sponsor – but, of course, we hope that in the practical implementation of the project we can also count on your financial assistance.

Is there a map of possible sites for the setting of STUMBLING BLOCKS?

In the category »Places & Biographies« one may see, next to the short biographies, the current installation sites. A list containing the names of other victims of the Nazi regime in the City of Salzburg can be gladly sent upon request.

How do I obtain regular information about you or the development of the project in Salzburg?

Through membership in the STUMBLING BLOCKS committee

How do you finance expenses other than through the setting of STUMBLING BLOCKS (various expenses)?

The work is done voluntarily by members of the committee, information material and other expenses are currently covered by donations.

Who is responsible for the organizational duties?

At the moment the Dachverband Salzburger Kulturstaetten. To find out more details visit: www.kultur.or.at/mission (currently only in German).

Who has access to the donation account?

Mag. Thomas Randisek, managing director of the Dachverband Salzburger Kulturstaetten.

Who are the members of the STUMBLING BLOCKS committee?

Committee participant list.