Friedrich FIMBERGER, born on February 28, 1901 in Haigermoos, district of Braunau am Inn, was Catholic, single and a butcher by trade.
He lived alternately in Braunau and Salzburg, under the Nazi regime in the city of Salzburg, to which the industrial area of Kasern, incorporated in 1939, belonged.

There was the Oberascher bell foundry, which under the Nazi regime was converted into a »war-important« armaments factory (production of weapons), headed by the German Friedrich Thomas as »Betriebsführer«.

Friedrich FIMBERGER, who had been working as a guard in the armaments factory since December 1943 and had his quarters in Kasern, is one of the victims of terror who have so far remained unknown because they do not appear in the documentation Resistance and Persecution in Salzburg 1934-1945 published in 1991.

Friedrich FIMBERGER, who was arrested by the Gestapo, was registered as »protective custody prisoner« No. 134827 in the Dachau concentration camp on December 3, 1944, and murdered there on February 25, 1945.

His death is recorded in the police register of the city of Salzburg, but the concrete reasons for his persecution by the terror regime remain unknown due to the lack of police and court records.

The victims of terror in the armaments factory run by Friedrich Thomas also include the kitchen chef Viktor TODERO, who was persecuted because of his homosexual orientation and murdered in the Mauthausen concentration camp on June 23, 1944.

Furthermore, the locksmith Leopold HOCK, sentenced to death for resistance (beheaded on July 30, 1943 in Munich-Stadelheim), the accountant Ferdinand LANG, also sentenced to death for resistance (beheaded on November 21, 1944 in the concentration camp Mauthausen).
November 1944 in Munich-Stadelheim) and at least eight forced laborers from the occupied territories of the Soviet Union, among them Alexander DUBINA, Rawis PLACHE, Vladimir SLESAROW and Leonid STEPANOW, who were liquidated by the Gestapo in the yard of the armaments factory on August 20, 1943.


  • City and Provincial Archives of Salzburg
  • Documentation Center of the Austrian Resistance (DÖW victim database: Friedrich Firnberger, recte FIMBERGER)
Author: Gert Kerschbaumer
Translation: DeepL

Stumbling Stone
Laid 24.10.2014 at Salzburg, Söllheimer Straße 16

JG. 1901<br />
DEPORTIERT 3.12.1944<br />
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ERMORDET 25.2.1945</p>
Plaque at the entrance of the former company

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