Anna PANGERL was born in Salzburg on March 15, 1939. She was an illegitimate Catholic child who had been in the City Children’s Home in Mülln [formerly operated by the Merciful Sisters/Barmherzige Schwestern] since October 31, 1940.

On June 21, 1941 the City Children’s Home and the Salzburg District Welfare Association shipped her off to the euthanasia center at the Vienna »Medical and Nursing Home Am Spiegelgrund.«

She was examined there by Dr. Heinrich Gross on July 30, 1941 and murdered on September 5, 1941 – the official cause of death was recorded as »acute intestinal infection« (see Waltraud Häupl, Die ermordeten Kinder vom Spiegelgrund. Gedenkdokumentation für die Opfer der NS-Kindereuthanasie in Wien, Vienna, 2006, p. 388).

Author: Gert Kerschbaumer
Waltraud Häupl
Translation: Stan Nadel

Stumbling Stone
Laid 06.07.2011 at Salzburg, Bärengässchen 6

All stumbling stones at Bärengässchen 6