Johanna STANDL was born in 1887 in Heiligenstadt (Lengau region). She was an unmarried Catholic housemaid and cook who had worked since 1926 in Salzburg and generally lived with her employers, but her last residence was the Marianum home for female servants at 8 Griesgasse.

In February 1934 Ms. Standl was admitted to the provincial mental hospital in Salzburg-Lehen, and on May 21, 1941 she was deported to Hartheim and murdered.

Author: Gert Kerschbaumer
Translation: Stan Nadel

Stumbling Stone
Laid 21.07.2010 at Salzburg, Griesgasse 8

<p>HIER WOHNTE<br />
JG. 1887<br />
DEPORTIERT 1941<br />
ERMORDET 1941</p>
Photo: Gert Kerschbaumer

All stumbling stones at Griesgasse 8