Ingeborg ORTNER was born in Salzburg on March 1, 1925. She was Catholic and was the only child of an unskilled laborer named Franz Ortner and his wife Theresia.

They all had city citizenship in Salzburg according to Austrian law and lived at what was then the northern border of the city in the city of Salzburg’s Scherzhauserfeld housing project in Lehen.

Ingeborg was taken into the State Asylum in Salzburg-Lehen on January 10, 1939 and was one of the 68 women and men who were deported to the Hartheim killing center on April 16, 1941 and murdered.

As with all the victims of the secret Nazi »T-4«1 program the death of this 16 year old girl was not recorded in the City of Salzburg police registration files.

Ingeborg’s father died in 1957 and her mother died in Salzburg in 1980.

1 The »T-4« »euthanasia« program to kill the handicapped was named after its headquarters’ address in Berlin at 4 Tiergartenstraße

Author: Gert Kerschbaumer
Translation: Stan Nadel

Stumbling Stone
Laid 19.04.2013 at Salzburg, Thomas-Bernhard-Straße

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