Susanne LEGERER, born on September 16, 1919 in Bischofshofen and baptized Catholic, was the older of two children of the early widowed Maria Legerer.

Since 1930 the mother lived with her still minor children Josef and Susanne in Maxglan (since 1935 a district of Salzburg). Susanne, who had not learned a trade, was a domestic helper.
At the age of 19, she had an unmarried child: Edith, born on April 29, 1939 in Salzburg. Susanne’s brother Josef, born in 1921, was a commercial employee and probably a war volunteer.
In any case, it is known that he died at the age of 18 on May 24, 1940, during the German attack on France.

A few weeks later, on June 18, 1940, Josef’s sister Susanne, who was now working as a conductor for the German Reichsbahn, was arrested by the Gestapo.

The available documents show that Susanne LEGERER had made critical statements about the war and the Nazi regime after the death of her brother.
On June 28, after ten days of detention in the police prison, she was deported to the Ravensbrück concentration camp for women. On April 4, 1941, the 21-year-old woman was dead – official cause of death »pneumonia« (according to the communication from the concentration camp commandant to the victim’s mother).

Her death in the Ravensbrück concentration camp is also recorded in the police register of the city of Salzburg.

Her orphaned daughter Edith, who was raised by her grandmother, was entitled to victim welfare after the liberation of Austria, which means that her murdered mother was recognized as a politically persecuted person in liberated Austria.

Edith died in 2010, one year before the laying of a Stolperstein for her mother.


  • City and Provincial Archives Salzburg
Author: Gert Kerschbaumer
Translation: DeepL

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